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My name is Alessandro Gagaridis and Strategikos is my personal website, which is meant as a portal to provide analytical reports on international relations, geopolitics, strategy and military issues, history and other matters.
The content and the nature of the papers varies, but I will try to cover non-mainstream facts and events that still have a political relevance; and to provide an original perspective on them. The reports are always meant to be specific and complete all while being also concise and clear. They are classified according to their main theme, and can be accessed freely.
New papers will be gradually published, and I will do my best to upload new material at a roughly regular pace. Still, the frequency of posts will depend on my professional duties and on the nature of the report itself.
The site has just been launched, so the contents and the look are still subject to change. Anyways, Strategikos will be gradually expanded with time, as new pages and reports are added.
You can find more details on the Strategikos project and about me in the dedicated pages.
If you want to contact me, please click here.
You can also follow Strategikos on its official Facebook page! And of course, feel free to share it with your friends!

About Strategikos

Click here to read more about the Strategikos project: its purposes, its approach, the type of content, possibilities of collaboration and so on.
About the Author

Visit this page for more info about me, including my education, expertise, professional life and personal interests.
You can also view my resume from there.
The importance of IR

Discover my reports on IR and related issues (geopolitics, grand strategy, foreign policy etc.) by clicking here.
Military & Strategy

Read more about the publications related to strategy and military matters that will appear on Strategikos by clicking on this link.
Copyright A. Gagaridis, 2017-2019. All rights reserved / Tutti i diritti riservati.
For more legal notes, please visit this page / Per maggiori informazioni di natura legale, si prega di visitare questa pagina.
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