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About Strategikos

Strategikos is my personal website, where I will upload reports on a wide range of issues, including international relations, strategy, military affairs, history and others. Its main purpose is to spread and deepend the knowledge of such matters; all while providing me with a platform to publish my works and support my professional career.

The main language of the site will be English, as it allows to reach a broader audience; however, in some cases I may also post content in other languages. As far as the style of the content is concerned, it will not be academic; still, I will use an analytic and rigorous approach and will provide sources whenever appropriate. In short, I will not publish academic articles, but analytical working papers whose content is meant to be solid, clear and fluent. Linked to this aspect, there is the issue of the theoretical approach that I will adopt. While I am fully aware of the main IR theories and of their importance for scholars, I believe that sticking to a single theory makes little sense as none can explain the complexity of international affairs on its own; even though my approach will generally be closer to the realist school. Moreover, Strategikos will focus on a practical approach and will not be a portal for academic publications. As a result, the papers I will upload will not adopt a specific theoretical framework; instead, I will use concepts from the different theories to develop my arguments when it will be necessary.

When deciding the theme of my papers and when writing them, I will follow certain guidelines. In general, I will examine specific topics, as this offers advantages in terms of both relevance and feasibility of the publications. Accordingly, I will privilege quality over quantity. Strategikos is not conceived to be a news website, therefore I will not cover (also because it would be impossible) all the events on the international scene; nor I will upload new material regularly. Along this line of conduct, tendencially I will not examine the mainstream issues. Instead, I will try to cover less discussed aspects of today's global affairs, all while ensuring they are relevant. In doing this, I will make an effort to present a different perspective in order to deepen the understanding of the issue and favour a positive debate on it.
In regard to the type of content, it will be of different nature, ranging from 3-4 pages articles to longer reports. The publication frequency will not be regular, as it will depend on the theme and type of the paper as well as on my professional engagements outside Strategikos. More in the specific, I have many ideas on the content of my publications, and I may even develop some "series" (meaning papers linked by a common background theme). As such, I may write papers consisting in observations on international issues, reflections on historical events, examinations of socio-political matters with a more philosophical flavour, book reviews and others.
You are free to quote my works provided that you include proper references, and I would also appreciate to be informed. However, you will need my express authorization to reproduce, in part or in total, the self-published reports posted on my website. You can use the this page to contact me in this regard.
For what concerns the material I authored on other websites, you will need to contact them directly for the authorization to reproduce (in part or in total) the content uploaded there.

I am also open for collaborations, especially with someone with a different background from my own so to expand my expertise. I am also willing to write reports upon request.
Feel free to contact me via this form. You may also want to followe me on Twitter and Facebook, I would greatly appreciate your support!

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