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About the Author

I was born in Parma (Italy) on September 18th, 1992; and I am an Italian citizen, though (as my surname suggests) I am half-Greek.
In June 2017, I obtained a Master's degree in "International Relations: Professional Focus Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution" at the UniversitĂ© Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), with a final mention of magna cum laude ("grande distinction" in French). My Master's thesis was titled "Japan’s Maritime Security Strategy in Response to Chinese Military Power - The Protection of the SLOC".
Previously, I graduated in "Political Science and International Relations" at the University of Parma, with a final score of 110/110, with a thesis titled "The Relations between the United States, Soviet Union and China (1964-1972)".

I do not consider myself as a "political scientist", as I am personally skeptical about the effectiveness (and usefuleness) of employing such kind of approach to politcal phenomena and international events. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the simple label of "international relations analyst". Accordingly, I will not write academic articles that apply, test and assess a given theoretical framework. Instead, I will write analytical reports meant to be practical, clear and professional; whose ultimate aim will be to raise the awareness on specific but politically relevant issues and to explain their causes and implications. Besides, I will also publish other kinds of papers with a more discursive style, notably on historical, philosophical or social issues. You will find more information Strategikos' nature in the dedicated page.

In general, my main domain of expertise are international affairs, geopolitics, strategy and military issues, and history; but I also have a good understandingof economics, international and public law, political philosophy, sociology and other subjects. I would like to spend a few words on history, as it is the great passion of my life; and you will notice that I will be particularly careful in examining the historical dimension of the events and phenomena I will write about, so to properly put them in perspective.
In geographic terms, I specialized on the Asia-Pacific region, which was the regional focus I choose during my Master's degree. However, I also have a relevant competence of other areas; namely Europe (including EU affairs), the Middle East and South Asia. In regard to single states, I am primarily expert on the US, China, Japan, Russia, India, Greece, Italy and Turkey; but also North and South Korea, Taiwan, the main European countries and others.

For what concerns my linguistic skills, my mother tongue is Italian. I am proficient in English and French, and I understand Spanish as well (although I rarely use it to speack or write). I have a certain knowledge of Greek (sadly, my level is not as good as I would like), I have a good base in Japanese; and I am gradually working to improve both. I am willing to learn more languages in the future, if I will have the opportunity and most importantly the time.

I am a regular contributor on Geopolitical Monitor, where my Situation Reports often appear among the Top Stories.
I am a member of the Wikistrat analytic community since May 2016 with the rank of Researcher (previously Intern); and I participated to different activities on many strategicslly-relevant issues in that context, such as simulations, discussions and others.
I also participate to the writing of articles on international matters with the H Fusion Media Group (itself part of the Anchorage Group).

You can view my resume by clicking here.
You can also visit my LinkedIn profile.

Apart from my university and professional experience, I enjoy reading, playing videogames, watching movies, travelling, photography and doing physical exercise.
In regard to books, apart from History and IR-related essays, I particularly like sci-fi, fantasy and techno-thriller novels. These are also my favourite genres in cinema; although my preferences on films are wider. As far as gaming is concerned, I appreciate strategy, shooters, RPGs and flying simulators. I really like travelling, notably to foreign countries; and I have been to various places in Europe (mainly in Italy, Greece and Belgium) as well as the US and others. Finally, I practice photography as a hobby, especially when I travel. I will likely use some of my own pictures here on Strategikos and I may even decide to create a dedicated platform for my photos in the future.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.
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