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Article Publication - Italian Pact Would Deprive Macron of Ally for EU Reform

Published by A. Gagaridis in Publication · 18/5/2018 19:41:00
Tags: EUEuropeanUnionItalyGovernmentLeagueFiveStartMacronReformIntegration
Double publication yesterday, with a first on Atlantic Sentinel !

Talks are still ongoing to form a new government in Italy. Nothing is completely certain by now, but it seems it will be a joint League / Five Star executive.
If it were the case, there would be consequences at the EU level, because French President Emmanuel Macron would lose its most important potential allies in his poject to revive the integration project and reform the European Union.

Read the article here!

Photo credit: Elisée

Article Publication - Japan’s Rare Earth Mineral Discovery Could be a Geopolitical Game Changer

Published by A. Gagaridis in Publication · 17/5/2018 20:23:00
Tags: JapanChinaRareEarthsGeopoliticsGeoeconomyOilGasSecurity
New publication inbound!

Last month, a study was published online announcing the discovery of "semi-infinite" rare earth deposits in the seabed around Minamitorishima, a tiny Japanese atoll. In spite of the technical difficulties, there is optimism over the possibility of exploiting such reserves. If it were actually the case, this can be a game-changer in the geo-economic order of the Asia-Pacific, with major spillovers in strategic and diplomatic terms. It would allow Japan to greatly reduce its dependence on Chinese rare earths, to attract potential partners and boost its economic and political stance; but the PRC is not going to stand still.

If you are interested, go to Geopolitical Monitor and read my latest article!

Article Publication - Argentina’s Finances Are Hamstringing Its International Role (Again)

Published by A. Gagaridis in Publication · 11/5/2018 21:17:00
Tags: ArgentinaFinanceDepreciationInflationInternationalShaleOilGasSouthAmerica
Greetings! Today Geopolitical Monitor has published my latest article!

While the world's mediatic attention was all focused on Iran and North Korea, the recent financial troubles in Argentina went almost unnoticed. Still, the country had to raise its interest rates three times in a week to a 40% rate in an attempt to counter the rapid depreciation of the peso, and asked the IMF for assistance.
Is another financial crisis looming in Argentina? Difficult to say, but one thing is sure: its macroeconomic instability risks once more to undermine its international role. Yet, its natural resources (natably vast shale oil & gas deposits) may allow Argentina to boost its economy and with its its geopolitical influence in South America.
If you want to know more, reas my latest publication by clicking here!

Photo source:, modified

New Report - Mémoires d’Hadrien de M. Yourcenar : Lecture critique

Published by A. Gagaridis in Publication · 5/5/2018 08:22:00
Tags: MémoiresHadrienCommentaireEmpireRomainMemoirsHadrianCommentaryRomanEmpire
Hello everyone! A new paper has been uploaded on the IR & Culture section!

The interplay between International Relations, History and Culture is a fascinating topic that can offer illuminating insights. Works that at first seem completely unrelated to IR often present a deep link with it after a more attentive examination.

This is the case of Yourcenar's novel Memoirs of Hadrian. The reflections the Roman emperor makes on the international situation of his time reveal striking similarities with the post-WWII world.

If you are interested in knowing more, check my Commentary on the novel (in French); which I wrote for the Seminar in IR: Cultural Issuses during my Master's at UCL. Link here.

Cover of an English-language edition of Memoirs of Hadrian. Source: Wikipedia

Article Publication - Greenland: A New Frontier of Great Power Competition

Published by A. Gagaridis in Publication · 1/5/2018 21:29:00
Tags: GreenlandChinaUSRussiaArcticSecurityRareEarthsDenmarkMining
Welcome again, with my latest article fo Geopolitical Monitor!

During the past few days, the mediatic attention was all absorbed by the rapprochement in Korea, by the events in Syria and by Netanyahu's attacks against the Iran nuclear deal.
In this context, the elections in Greenland were not even mentioned. Yet, their long-term effects could be significant.
The vote resulted in a Parliament formed by parties who favor more foreign (notably Chinese) investment as a way to develop the island's economy and allow it to acquire the financial means to move on to independence. Now, China is expected to be a main source of capital, as it is interested in Greenland's natural resources. But close ties between Beijing and Nuuk will have geopolitical consequences. In the long term, this may threaten America's national security. Moreover, renewed tensions with Russia are also making the island strategically impotant once again.
For those interested in the Arctic and IR, here is the link to my article!

Photo credit: Greenland Travel, Flickr, modified.

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