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Can India Actually Become a Global Power?

India is a country that is expected to play a central role in the 21st century. Having a large and fast-growing economy, it is also strengthening its military and is well positioned to dominate South Asia and extend its influence beyond it. But it must also face notable challenges, both domestically and geopolitically.
A. Gagaridis | 30/10/2018

Why is Japan's Army Expanding?

The gradual but firm shift in Japan’s defence posture is among the most notable developments characterising the Asia-Pacific’s international dynamics in the past few years. Its efforts to increase its military power, accompanied by attempts to change the Constitution to expand the means and the duties of its military forces are to be interpreted in a broader context of growing security challenges. But what exactly are the drivers behind Japan’s re-arm?
A. Gagaridis | 25/10/2018

New Section - Arctic

The geopolitical importance of the Arctic is emerging and is set to grow in the coming years. In this new section, I will post my works on this region.
A. Gagaridis | 11/10/2018
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