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The Drone Threat in Israel: An Upcoming Ban?

Published by in Publication · 23 August 2018
Tags: DronesUAVsIsraelSecurityTerrorismAsymmetricWarfareThreatBan
The widespread use of drones has raised concerns that they could be used for carrying out terrorist attacks. The (alleaged) assassination attempt agains Venezuela's President N. Maduro seem to have confirmed the viability of using UAVs as attack vectors. It is to be expected that similar episodes will occour in the future, prompting states to introduce restrictions on their use.

In my first article for Israel Defense, I argue that Israel (due to its unique security environment) is probably the most vulnerable target for asymmetric attacks performed with drones. As such, it will likely (and it should) introduce severe regulations on using UAVs on its territory, which may well take the form of a complete ban.

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